Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Web Should Put an End To Parochial News Reporting

News made to order as a production intended to stimulate or assuage public desires and anxieties.

Most of us who are attentive to the tone of mainstream reporting get the idea and in most cases can prove it with just a little research. On any given topic the MSMs paucity of research and subsequent information is usually combined with a calculated slant to lead the public into the frame of mind or point of view desired. Much as a screenwriter takes a story and treats it to project the themes and attitudes seen as popular or trendy in the eyes of their market researcher or programing managers so do the news editors and managers of the media.

Although THIS article is focussed on the Olympics and how the various national media construct their themes for reporting the event(s), there is a direct comparison to be made with virtually ALL mainstream reporting.

Take the time to read this one because it is instructive of how the MSM attempts to skew perceptions in general.

One excellent current example is the reporting on the Russia/ Georgia fiasco! You are NOT getting the whole story from anywhere. The Russians are crudely attempting to control the narrative not just at home but in the world view. Of course it's NOT just the Russians doing this.... just that they are the most blatant and least sophisticated.

I'm not here to beat up on just Russian and European media either because the news wires are ALL attempting to create their own version. What is telling is which stories the regional or national news agencies will pick up on and run with.

CNN in the US is a joke in the way they try to fill a 24/7 time slot with less effort and information than a high schooler would be required to put into a book report. As if simple repetition of a couple of facts or opinions constitutes coverage of any issue.

Our Canadian Media are no better and it is comical to watch how they wobble around any point of view before they settle on something that will support other themes in their ongoing production of what they like to call "the news". CBC getting a good run for it's journalistic funny money from CTV these days. The Globe & Mail after having devoted several days to looking at everything they could get their hands on ( which surprised me) has managed to fall into a superficial and pathetically uninformative declination in the amount of information they are bringing forward.

Back to the story at hand : The Olympics

An article that looks at the media handling of the events while giving us a couple of things to think about and some alternate resources to look into should we be that curious.

"Fed up with parochial broadcasters dictating your take on the Games? Head online for a fresh perspective"

Read : The web can set the Olympics free - by Bernhard Warner - in The Times Online!



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