Friday, September 12, 2008

In Spite of The Bad Press ... !

Seems to me CP is saying that in spite of their best efforts the CPC is doing very well in public opinion.

But to have them actually say that would require .... well .... some small amount of honesty.

Close Enough for Hand Grenades though! :
CP- Sept. 12, 2008

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper got some good news Friday amid the bad headlines - a new poll suggests his Conservatives could be headed for a majority government.

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey has the Tories flying high with 41 per cent support, well ahead of the Liberals at 26 per cent. The strong showing comes despite days of negative media coverage over Tory campaign gaffes and a high-profile flip-flop by Harper.

The telephone poll - which surveyed 1,406 adults Monday through Thursday - put the NDP at 14 per cent, the Green party at nine, and the Bloc Quebecois at eight.

Harris-Decima CEO Bruce Anderson said the Conservatives picked up ground in every region of the country, in urban Canada, and among women.

He attributed the strong showing to a Tory advertising blitz which appears to have succeeded in convincing voters that Harper is a moderate.

NO ! It's because people are sick and tired of the LIberal BS dressed up like research or fact that the likes of CP and Harris-Decima are constantly spewing!

The tide has turned .


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