Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lawyers Say Security Laws Unfair to Lawyers

And CP is happy to go to bat for them and their terrorist friends.

Sweeping Gag Orders.... as they are being described that prevent defense lawyers from undermining our national security and subverting our justice system to favour their clients are making things too difficult.

You can hear the whining and mewling in Toronto all the way here in Winnipeg.

"The prohibition on communication after viewing the sensitive material is total," lawyer Lorne Waldman argues in documents filed in support of the suit.

"The impugned provisions bar communication with any person. This includes not only the interested person and their counsel, but also the special advocate's own office staff and even the support staff designated to assist the special advocates."

Boo freeekin hoo ....

Which reminds me I heard a good lawyer joke today!


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