Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Puffin Poop Effect

With the amazing ability of the MSM to capture and report on the e-mails and private conversations of any conservative seemingly anywhere at any time you would think that at least occasionally there would be some similar amount of effort put towards the missteps and faux pas of the left. Would you not?

However, we see on a daily basis that some CPC member is suddenly revealed as having made an inappropriate comment or a joke among fellows or that some ill thought out communication is suddenly found to be the greatest affront to Canadians that has ever been.

Such is the case with one Gerry Ritz Canada's agriculture minister who has suddenly become the focus of the MSM's "diligence" since it has been revealed that he made wise cracks during meetings with "public servants" as the CP Reports ....

Ritz was forced to apologize after The Canadian Press learned he had unnerved public servants with some gallows humour during a conference call at the height of the crisis.

Ritz was deeply concerned, during the discussion that took place Aug. 30, about possible political fallout as the deadly disease claimed more victims in the days before the federal election was called, according to sources who participated in the conference call.

But that concern apparently didn't stop him from cracking wise while scientists, bureaucrats and political staff listened in.

Well Gerry .... you should have known better! For future reference ... file that under

"Know Your Enemy".

Now how much attention has been given by the MSM to things like the Green Party 9/11 conspiracy theory flake who got the boot from the green party ... only after bloggers made his lunatic fringe opinions a story?

Or how much space and time was given in the mainstream to the Quebec Liberal who publicly and repeatedly advocated that the Canadian Military be sent to KILL native protesters in Quebec without mercy?

OR This Guy who uses and advocates the use of drugs and was accepted as a candidate by the NDP?

I think it's not so much that the left and especially the LIberals like Dion and company are so good at hiding their poop.

Rather it seems evident that they get so much help from their friends in the civil service and other groups but must surely be for ever beholden to our Canadian Media.


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