Sunday, October 05, 2008

Another Revealing Liberal Moment

When someone spouts a bazaar and seemingly incongruous argument or expostulation in defense of their behaviour it usually is a tip off to how they are thinking about and dealing with their world.

Ok ... rewind the clock back to the days of the Clinton Presidency.

Recall all the crap that Hillary was in for her shady business connections and underhanded dealings as well as her hubby's juvenile shenanigans in the White House?

Remember how she came up with the famous "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" ?

Ok now ... fast forward to the present where one Jonathan Chait, liberal and progressive MSMer is having thoughts about the blind loyalty to whatever icon of the "cause" happens to be in ascendence at the moment:

But the conservatives might have had a point about the Clintons' character. Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky jeopardized the whole progressive project for momentary pleasure. The Clintons gleefully triangulated the Democrats in Congress to boost his approval rating. They do seem to have a feeling of entitlement to power.

Real sharp tool that Chait .... only about 15 years late in figuring out what creeps the Clintons are and always were.

Now let's see how long it takes for the reality of the Obama fraud to settle in!

And just what was that thing about the whole progressive project ?

Is that like the VRWC? Only for Liberals?

Is that the confirmation of the origin of the VRWC claims from Hillary? That steeped in the culture of the liberal left is the meme of the great cause? The Progressive Project?

Yeah Whatever.....

Thanks and h/ts to Flares Into Darkness and Commentary Magazine and their article by Peter Wehner ....
The High Cost of Hillary


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