Monday, October 20, 2008

Economists Blowing Hard for Hard Times

Of course the Canadian Press is right there to hold the bullhorn for the doomsayers.

I find it increasingly odd that "experts" like some economic analysts at financial institutions are blowing the recession horn so loudly and banging the hard times drum so fervently.

To what end?

Here we see that they are now apparently promoting government deficits. Imagine economists advocating government meddling in the economy! Just the kind that CP would love to trumpet.

Deficit Better Option than Cuts ?

"......The possibility of a deficit may frighten Canadians but it's better to slip into the red briefly now than to face tax hikes and spending cuts later when the economic slump worsens and red ink piles up, economists said Monday. "

Uhum.... let's see now ..... cutting is good when we need to reduce the government drain on the economy except when the economy is not doing so good.

Something along the lines of what Ontario is doing? How's that working out?

WRONG .... cutting government spending is always the right thing to do and I can think of a few places to start right now. Why wait for another bad fiscal quarter?

Kill the HRCs ! Save ?? tens of $millions!

Kill the Gun Registry ! Save Hundreds of $millions!

Kill the CBC ! Save $Billions !

Kill all funding for social, cultural and activist groups! Remember the S.O.W. (CSW) they got their funding back. Kill it for good save Hundreds of $millions.

Make the LPC pay Canadians back the Tens of $millions they stole and while your at it put all the crooks in jail. No money to be saved by jailing them of course but it would make a lot of people feel better. Is it not the Progressive way to make people feel better?

Now I could get behind some deficit planning provided first of all that every last cost cutting measure had been taken and then only as an alternative to adding more taxation into the mix.

If it was strictly my call I'd CUT taxes CUT Spending and let the economy sort itself out.

But that's just me..... and maybe These Guys .....


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