Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Things Are Worth Repeating

I've read a few pieces by Bill Whittle and find that he consistently wraps up the big picture of whatever topic he puts his mind to and provides a nice succinct summary.

Perspective! Is what he does best.
And so as I wandered around some of my favorite blogs today and found !NoPasaran! had gotten onto some new works of Whittle and the apparently new Brietbart blog "Big Hollywood" I was pleased to see he still has a strong message about how certain groups seem to perceive the world we inhabit.

His theme about how the Left likes to misrepresent the USA's military might as a tool of evil is an old one that he has done before. The accurate assessment of the actual history of the USA and it's use of military force is of course completely contrary to the popular themes and supposed wisdom of your every day MSMer and Media Know nothings from the entertainment world.

A refreshing counterpoint to the incessant drip of ignorance and loathing from self styled intellectuals who believe themselves to be your betters.

H/T ! NoPasaran! and writer Erik.....



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