Monday, January 05, 2009

The Sum of All Fears

What would we do without the Mass Media to remind us of all the things we should be cowering in fear of?

The blustering buffoon portrayed as Ted Baxter is the most benign representation of the essence of our modern MSMers.

How should we respond to a group that finds justification in consistent failure to understand or describe the world with even marginal accuracy and yet proclaims itself worthy of illuminating our lives with their world view?

Aside from the incessant misrepresentation of things geo-political, cultural or historical we have the mandatory fear mongering over things they clearly have no understanding of whatsoever.

A daily litany of garbage represented as fact that we are supposed to believe without question because of course ... there are "experts" being quoted.

From the hysterical reports describing the imminence of mass outbreaks of virulent disease to the unending and ever contradictory reports provided by a never ending string of "experts" concerning what foods are either poisoning us or curing a host of ailments.

From the panicked reports of foul weather wreaking havoc hither and yon to the incessant and often contradictory presentation of half baked predictions about impending doom from virtually every possible quarter of nature's domain.

Every day we are bombarded with the supposed wisdom received through the assumed diligence and dedicated investigation of what passes for journalists, reporters and supposed trained observers of the world we live in.

Economic disaster, Self destruction by way of run away scientific research (one of my favorites), killer asteroids from space, catastrophic resource depletion, out of control technology or development. You name it we've been told that we are about to die because of it.

And yet somehow in spite of all this amassed knowledge, profound understanding and keen witted assessment we are offered day after day, year after year and decade after decade we somehow manage to dodge every supposed bullet that we are warned is about to smack us in the frontal lobe.

How can this be?

Well, to put it plainly and just because it is quite plain to see, that as a whole and in their very nature, the Media amongst all us humans are the biggest group idiots in the world!

What they are doing is nothing more than projecting their very own fears based upon their own inadequacies and brewed in the pit of their own grand ignorance and inability to demonstrate logical capacity or even marginal ability to learn from their experience. At best a "Rain Man" sort of entity filled with an amazing capacity for simple fact yet incapable of processing any of it. At worst a paranoid schizophrenic with a pathology so twisted no one in their right mind would want to do anything but put an end to it's miserable existence.

Perhaps the next time you are tempted to take something you might read in a paper or see on a television as fact you just might want to consider what sort of intelligence has processed the information you are getting.

For my two cents, letting this collective entity influence any factor in my life is a non starter.


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