Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Could The Goal Be Irony ?

Somehow .... I really don't think so.

Now is the time that we juxtapose ... is one of those repeating themes that Kate at SDA has a real knack for.

This .... is a good place to start!

The public will not be better informed by untrained amateurs than by qualified reporters trained in such writing for the mainstream media. The skills I'm learning at the University of Georgia are crucial to good journalism. The ethical standards and professional integrity my fellow students and I will have as a result of our education will distinguish us from the army of bloggers now posting on the Web.
Claire Rock,

Well, if you set aside the sanctimonious tone and the simple self serving praise of the J school experience... then maybe just MAYBE you could be fooled into thinking the young writer had a loftier goal in mind.

Satire perhaps? Ironic observation with a twist of pith?

Claire Rock, a junior majoring in journalism at the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, is also managing editor of the Pandora yearbook.


I won't bother with the juxtaposition part But you can have a look for yourself!

Kate ... GETS irony.

In a COMPLETELY UNRELATED MATTER An actual reporter.... the kind that used to go out and GET stories.... has passed away.


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

there is no such thing as a reporter anymore...sheesh. good piece!

3/12/2009 9:26 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The difference between journalists and Kate - she glories in her opinion - most journalists covertly disguise opinion as fact. I choose to read Kate's blog because she is fearless and provocative. So sad that journalism has become a joke and entirely untrustworthy.

3/13/2009 8:04 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Good comment on the SDA and other bloggers POV.... Reveling in Opinion!

Sounds like a self indulgent behaviour ..... BUT .... the fact that the great majority of mainstream info is filtered and groomed to make news and to feed the meme of the moment .... such reveling offers about the only opportunity to propagate contrary view or to hold up counter arguments and unexamined or otherwise uncontextual information.

Bloggers ... good bloggers are in my opinion doing what Real News Editorialists USED to do and should be doing.


3/13/2009 6:40 p.m.  

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