Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday's Beer

Turns out that there was still an untested brew waiting in the back of the happy shelf. A benefit of the NBP. .............Darcey :)

This is Butte Creek Brewing's Organic Pale Ale.

I have no idea what makes it organic and I don't think it's so very pale... but she does come in a 355ml bottle all the way from Chico California.

What I do know is that she pours a nice copper and provides a short lived head of blond froth.
She's got a great aroma of that goody caramel malt and floral hop sort that many great beers present.

The first taste is all about the hops and bitter bite that mellows into sort of pleasant aftertaste.
The feel is crisp then slightly grainy.
The malts come back in a bit if you wait before the next sip and the finish is a bit dry.

Overall she wouldn't be a regular in my little black book.... but I'd keep her number.

Other Opinions are plentiful.


And, as usual .................. Dust My Broom Has "Blues & Beer" for your review.


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