Sunday, March 15, 2009

Internet Installer Rats Out Apartment Dweller

For having a toy gun!

Big pants wetting drama as Winnipeg police pull an armed assault on the mans suite after a (MTS? or Shaw?) tech called them to report seeing a "Baretta" in the apartment.

The police arrived about an hour after a telecommunications technician had been at the suite working on an Internet connection within feet of where a plastic toy handgun -- which had been used as a movie prop -- sat on a shelf.

Leckie soon realized the toy had prompted the employee to call police, who arrived with what he described as a "red laser scope rifle" pointed at his chest. But that knowledge didn't make the police search of his apartment any more pleasant, as he was handcuffed and questioned before the officers left upon discovering the mix-up.

The former University of Winnipeg student said he's not particularly angry at the police, "given all the gun crime in our city." But said the gun was clearly a fake.


Well I guess it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy then!


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