Monday, April 13, 2009

It's the 5 Step Program...

Here we go again.... It's the Five Step Propaganda Spin Cycle from the usual supsects.

After first creating a story: "Harper Caucus split by infighting over Mulroney" .. Anonymous Sources..... Yeah anonymous.

The spending a couple of weeks fanning what they hope will be embers into smoke: "Harper denies..." blahblahblah....... CP/CBC/CTV/ Globe etc..

Then we get the Polling by the usual suspects... Courtesy Allen Gregg & Strategic Counsel

Finally if the poll results support the original fabrication we get those presented to us as FACTS and PROOF that the whole thing is for real.

Stay tuned for a few more sudden revelations from "anonymous" sources and repeat of the spin cycle. Don't be surprised to see a resurrection of the "Scary Hidden Agenda" either.


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