Monday, April 20, 2009

The Meddler In Chief ... And Willing Useless Tools

God Help Us ALL!

Between the sycophants in the MSM and the bullshit that comes out of the Obama White House we are in deeper trouble than we likely know.
With Some Background provided HERE!

In the recent episode of Islamic militant action (call them pirates if you want but what they really are are Muslim jihad financiers) where a US flagged ship was attacked and the ship's American Captain taken hostage by armed Somalis it was the POTUS who pooched the efforts of the US Navy to do their job. Captain Phillips was courageous and risked his own life to help his crew get control of the ship Maersk Alabama. He subsequently managed to escape his captors and provide the perfect opportunity for the Navy to do it's job... However ... unknown to the Captain the NAVY had been put on a short leash by the President Himself in utter defiance of the wishes, advice and policy pf the Navy. Not to mention in disregard for the lives of those Americans at risk or any smidgen of good sense.

In the days leading up to this there were other culprits of Leftardism at work.

While events around the Maersk Alabama were unfolding the Media were busy broadcasting the proximity and ETA of the US Navy forces who were set to intervene.
Also, during the interim the Somalis were given the opportunity to call for reinforcements of their own and thanks to the information broadcast by the MSM also given the chance to interfere in whatever manner offered them greatest advantage.

Upon the resolution the crew was interviewed by regional media and CNN along with others offered the broadcast as a live breaking event.

The American crew were clear in their condemnation of the media for endangering them and the people who were trying to help them. Somehow, this video seems to have disappeared from the records.

Quick to take credit that was even more quickly lathered about by the MSM tools.... Obama actually prevented the timely rescue of US Merchant Marine Captain Richard Phillips. Not only that but his meddling nearly got the man killed.

Remember the President of the United States is supposed to be the "Leader of The Free World!"

I see no reason why these people should be trusted in any matter.

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