Thursday, April 23, 2009

When The Small c Journalist Tells the Truth

I had the pleasure of attending the Manitoba PC's Leader's Dinner event on Monday Night.

It was a very successful event by just about any measure.

The high point for myself was having a beer with a few of the folks I've worked with in the past and meeting some new people who share my interests and similar outlooks.

The next best part was having as the keynote speaker Mr. Andrew Coyne.

Presenting us with a well prepared oratory that seemed to be primarily base on his writings and general outlook on politics the journalist and sometimes pundit had a few interesting ideas to share.

One thing from his presentation that resonated was the need for political parties to decide just what the hell they stand for.

Good point!

As in, instead of trying to adapt to every whim of the media driven public try to explain how your principled position creates solutions to problems and addressed the public concern. For certain ALL the political parties could stand to have and to display some backbone and sense.

Sounds OK!

Except for the FACT that the media are so completely incapable and unwilling to bother communicating on that level.

Of course Andrew had some things to say about that matter. Like perhaps if we took the time to explain and communicate in those terms the MSM would suddenly start actually communicating in those terms as well.

Now I'll concede this to Andrew Coyne, self described Small c conservative and in reality a 1950's Liberal, perhaps YOU would like to have the opportunity to lead the way with your journalist brethern and I'm sure you would be happy to actually report on issues without the spin (as I see you mostly do) .... BUT ... there are precious few in you field who have even the most rudimentary capacity to do as you do.

Even fewer with any desire to. The reality that counterpoints your lofty ideas is that any and I mean ANY politcal party that states it's Principles and uses that position to define itself is going to be misrepresented by the self serving media. This is demonstrated daily by the print and broadcast media around the world. With very few exceptions every single matter that we take the time to investigate proves to have been muddled in some way by the news media. And You Mr. Coyne must concede that your own lofty idealism and (let's face it) small l liberalism finds it's way into much of what you write and PROMOTE.

I say that ... Without principled reporting, commentary and analysis coupled with intelligence and a modicum of respect for the general public there will be NO such political environment as that you wish to see!

Prove me wrong!


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