Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Brief History Of the Tough On Crime Dippers

SINCE ...the NDP have been in charge of the happy socialist paradise we have heard many proclamations from the various appointed ministers of justice and of course Grinnin Gary and others of the NDP ilk about their BIG plans for justice in Manitoba.

Well it's term number THREE for these clowns and so far we have ..... Zero ..... "0".... zilch .... nada in terms of actual action and even less in terms of results.

We have heard excuses.... we have heard them blaming Ottawa ..... we have heard them claim to be "studying" the issues .... and we have seen ... no action... not even a failed attempt at doing what needs to be done to help ensure that we live in a civil and safe society.

Unless of course you want to trot out the MPI immobilizer program .... where the meddling busibodies chose to sidestep the law and order side of the equation by imposing mandatory installation of electronic equipment in the private property of Manitoba drivers.

A neat way of avoiding actually cracking down on criminals.

And so this week we have the erstwhile comedian Dave Chomiak offering still more of the NDP tough talk. This time on GANGS .... again!

Well DAVE ... we have heard this ALL before and in the years in which your clown friends have been in charge we have had nothing but abject failure to curb or even keep up with the explosion of gangs, gang membership and gang activity.

You are a JOKE Dave.

From An Other Dave ...... More from Dave Brodbeck ... a short history of NDP hot air!

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