Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Today In Winnipeg

Gail Asper .... gets a full page in BOTH our local newspapers to give a sales pitch for her pet project.

You know the one where she has collected plenty of "Owes" and a bunch more Taxpayer's money!

It seems that a few people are getting under her skin (good) as they start asking for explanations about how she .... or rather .... WE ... are going to pay for
Her Monument to vainglory!

And people wonder why I have such a low opinion of the local media!

Well ... It's not JUST the local yokels ... Mike Duffy .... got used by a PEI paper that basically sent some young reportlet to interview him ... got no imformation because they asked no questions .... then made up a story about the Dufster having made grandiose promises and speechifying away.

Of course we could always talk about the CBC or CTV and their version of "Fair and Balanced" news coverage..... or the endless stream of nonsense they produce in leiu of actual facts and news.

You know ... it's not so much that these people in the media are really dumb ..... it's that they think we are all dumber than THEM!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Duffy has been criticized for highlighting federal government projects in PEI and the Maritimes. What was he supposed to talk about, the potato commodities market? Or as my father was known to muse "What does that have to do with the price of rice in China?" Everything is political when you are a political figure. Cheers. Fern StAlbert

8/06/2009 11:17 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

It was much more than that Fern....

They made the story up .... he was talking to the Rotary club about what has been happening in the government since the last election.

The stuff the MSM do not talk about.

Duff was presented as blowing smoke with big talk about upcoming handouts to the province of PEI.

There was no such talk.

And even if there had been ... which there was not ... when did the PEI press or public ever complain about LIberal promises?

Nope it was a set up piece to present the senator as a blowhard and a liar.... read the comments at the linked Guardian.

The regular readers ate it up hook line and sinker.

8/06/2009 5:39 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Our local papers can't even be bothered to go out and get a story to embellish or lie about .... they just print whatever people like Gail Asper send them to print.

Just like it is a given fact that whatever Asper says is true.

8/06/2009 5:42 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you are a Manitoban, perhaps you could shed some light on the Aspers. Do you think their pursuit of the Holocaust Museum put their business interests at risk? I am going to be very disappointed if the National Post disappears. Cheers, Fern StAlbert

8/07/2009 1:32 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Does Gail Asper have anything to do with the media business?

Well she has a titular seat on the board of CanWest and likewise titular position "secretary of business" with responsibilites undefined.

She is in charge of the Asper Foundation and the CanWest Global foundation.

Gail's role in this world is to be a career charity flack. There is NO Asper cash on the line and no committment from the business to bail her out. Aside from some seed money from Daddy's estate which was used to set up the scam ....Her exploits are funded 100% by the suckers she has conned into her projects and thanks to Garry Doer the Manitoba taxpayers.

I believe it is David Asper who runs the Business division that owns the National Post.

8/11/2009 10:45 p.m.  

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