Monday, July 27, 2009

Paying For Monuments

When it comes to flim flam and flummery it's hard to find anyone more dedicated to the practice than Gary Doer.

Unless maybe you take a look at Gail Asper.............

Back in 2008 in regard to Doer's glib promise of over $280 million from Manitoba Crown Corporations ...... for the Benefit of Gail Asper .... I wrote:

"In politics it's a government that knows it's on the way out that spends every last dime they can and makes long term commitments that will impoverish incoming governments for the foreseeable future. Like other past NDP governments this is exactly what Doer is doing.
Boondoggles like immense cost overruns on Hydro Projects, the Floodway expansion overruns, the proposed West Side Hydro Bipole III power corridor and it's inherent waste and the unchecked pillaging of the bank accounts of crown corporations like Hydro and MPI."

You can read the whole thing HERE!

So what has changed since then?

Well, not much except that the Asper group has finally had to admit that there is no way they are going to cover their costs. Or that they even knew what the costs are going to be or will know for that matter. No problem says Gail Asper ..... we have "asks" she says.

That and willing politicians who play the roll of sucker on behalf of the public ... still preapared to keep dishing out YOUR money for THEIR friends.

Now, I believe that Izzy asper was a great business man and a great Manitoban.
And I think he deserves a memorial to his achievements.

His achievments however have NOT ONE THING to do with the"Holocaust" or human rights.

And there is no way that the people of this province owe him or his family millions of dollars to be funelled into a bottomless pit called "The Human Rights Museum" for the sake of HIS legacy.

And yet these parasites persist in abusing their influence in order to make sure that Manitoban Taxpayers and Hydro Customers and Autopac customers and MLC customers well be gouged at every oportunity to satisfy their personal whims.

Tell ya what Gail and Gary etal .... just cough up a few bucks out of your own purses and buy a nice plaque!

And try to keep your sticky fingers out of OUR pockets!


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