Thursday, September 03, 2009

Too Much Cheering Over the CHRT Ruling

Many observers noted the critical language of the CHRT in suspending the hostile attacks on Marc Lemire and others.
This changes nothing in the larger sense because the tribunal can call the legislation whatever it wants to without affecting the fact that the legislation still stands.
They may have made it a lot harder to justify continued abuses of the depth we have recently seen.... but that does not change the fact that the law stands and that HRCs operate outside the law with impunity and that this very tribunal continues to hold court.

The tribunal is only another pseudopod of the bureaucrat's club and has no legal powers to affect law. They are nothing outside of the realm of their own little circle. I am sure their hope is that the politicians will grasp at the convenient bone they have thrown and simply alter the despicable law to limit the penalties they refer to. But let this be understood, the root of the problem is not the penalties, as wrong headed as they are, the fundamantal issue is the power given to these bureaucrats.

A moral victory for Marc and others who have been abused by these self righteous bullies.
The decision is only a weasel's way out of being forced to defend their abuses in a real court.

No law has been changed and if you read their comments on the law per sec.13 of the CCRF ... they are only criticizing the fact that the law has penalties attached to it. On that basis they claim it is wrong.

Never a thought given to the fact that the entire concept of the legislation is wrong or that their own little clique is an affront to our democratic and free heritage.



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