Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things The MSM Don't Like to Mention

How convenient !

My take on the issue is that from the start the research that has been latched onto by the IPCC (UN) and the mainstream media has been selective.

The primary study that produced the infamous "Hockey Stick" graphs that displayed and then projected extreme global warming trends were used to link this to the man made production of CO2 They were suspect from the start.

Much of this goes back over ten years and it is only in the last 4 that what is commonly referred to as Mainstream Media (MSM) has been involved.

Since that original report was published there has been a convoluted chain of events in the scientific/publications arena that are not reported in the mainstream media. The common sources of news and information for the wider public have never presented the whole story and as a result what most people see or hear is a combination of selective facts, uninformed or even hysterical assumptions, misrepresentations and outright bullshit.

Various political bodies have taken what suits them and used it to promote their own interests for good or ill.

The original research has been thouroughly debunked and for the most part all those so called "consensus" scientists have either begun complaining about how they were duped or disappeared into the woodwork.

With the exception of a few of the most committed con artists, the scientific community is finished with the IPCC frauds and the zombie science that was used to prop them up.

This is barely ever noted in your news media.

I'm providing a link to a post I wrote citing several authors and their research...

In that post one of the links provided a (lengthy) summary by a researcher and authour that attempts summarize this complicated fiasco....

One of the references contained within that article that contains a large amount of data and scientific publication ....

I would also direct your attention to this Scientist and and proponent of educated environmentalism who has made an affort to expose the frauds ....

I know there is a ton of information to go through .... but if you want to know why I call bullshit on the entire community of global warming proponents and hysterics.. the answers are abundant.

I've spent a considerable amount of time sorting the BS out of the so called denier side of this debate as well .... and in my opinion the factual weight of the arguments is enough to tip the balance of argument.

That and the established fact that the chief proponents of global warming crisis have been exposed as frauds.

Liars figure and so do the figures of liars.

Even the intransigent BBC .... a chief purveyor of Climate Hysteria is backpeddling now:

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frauds all of them! Busy weekend for a change..hope youre doin well!!:)

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