Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Comment on The Blogs

In respect to the fact that the "One" has accomplished absolutely nothing positive on the domestic or foreign front, (Other than those things which could be done by edict and in support of the lunatic congress of Nancy Pelosi and co. AND if you consider any of those things positive) it seems the good folks in the media and other activist groups are seeking ways to explain away what was completely predictable ... and was completely predicted by those of us with functioning brains and an awareness level above that of an 8 year old.

A comment found at Instapundit:

Plus, from the comments: “There have been no major institutional changes in the United States government in recent history that have caused it to ‘become ungovernable.’ There just isn’t enough political support to enact various news laws and policies that you favor. Tough. If you hadn’t become seduced by the delusion that Obama is a ‘progressive’ and that last year’s election represented some kind of historic realignment in favor of ‘progressive’ policies you might have seen this coming.”

Hat Tips to USS Neverdock and Instapundit


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