Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fraud Fraud and More Fraud ...

They are activists motivated by ideological agendas. Not noble agenda that they are willing to discuss and openly debate. Not rational agenda that they can justify or substantiate with facts.
Rather the agenda are of a personal and moralistic nature that they are unwilling to expose themselves to questioning over. These are nothing more than the opinions of people who believe themselves to be the moral and intellectual superiors of you and I.

They are not.

They are, as Donna LaFramboise points out:

The expert reviewers who had input into just one portion (Working Group III) of the IPCC report are listed in this 8-page PDF. They include three Greenpeace employees, two Friends of the Earth representatives, two Climate Action Network reps, and a person each from activist organizations WWF International, Environmental Defense, and the David Suzuki Foundation.

Still another .. UN body that willingly helped to perpetrate frauds.... is about to investigate itself.

As if the organisation that was incapable of detecting fraud in it's Oil For Food (Iraq) program is going to tell the truth about how it knowingly went to great efforts to promote hysteria over the fiction of human kind being able to impact the planetary climate in any significant way.

When will people realize that the United Nations is a thoroughly corrupt organization that serves no good purpose in this world?

Oh and BTW .... WWF to Investigate Itself .... SUUUUURE!

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