Monday, October 18, 2010

Federal Scientists wage war to protect phony baloney jobs

Happily headlined by the Ceeb....

Government scientists complain about political decisions affecting the publication of their work.

Claiming that politicians are making bad decisions because what they decide is not based on what the cognoscenti decree.

So... are they upset about Jim Prentice paying homage on a daily basis to the ecofascist UN version of scientific "Facts" that demand such public action as cap and trade carbon taxation...?
Or is it the fact that Science and Technology minister Gary Goodyear has admitted that his religious beliefs include the stunningly ignorant precepts of "creationism"....?

Well no ... it's the long form census issue that has these UNION tax suckers shorts in a knot.
Yep ... the same folks who have been steadfastly politicizing science for their own pet causes are now PeeOed that the elected government is willing to scrap the mandatory requirements of the long form public census.

So what has this got to do with science?

Nothing ... unless of course you subscribe to the belief that government statisticians qualify as scientists and that they have a God given right to be on the public payroll.

So that's the long and short of it .... civil service union entitlement ..... more important than what you or I want.... eh?

And the CBC? Politicized Scientists proselytizing for environmental activist causes =AOK
Elected government getting rid of draconian census laws = Bad

From the ceeb ............

'If the science isn't supported ... then you're going to find that decisions are going to be made more at the political level,' says Gary Corbett, president of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada. (Courtesy of Professional Institute of the Public Service)

A union representing federal scientists has launched a campaign targeting what it calls the government's "worrying trend away from evidence-based policy-making."


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Blogger Lost Johnny said...

Federal scientists union? They should go on strike then and wach the system grind to a halt.

10/20/2010 5:33 a.m.  
Blogger Reed Solomon said...

I do not believe the government should be trying to overrule scientific method or remove the long form census.. as much as I hate doing it, they haven't replaced it with something that will benefit the country. As it currently stands, it's a necessary evil. Simply removing it as the conservatives have will not be good for statistics Canada, who I don't generally have a beef with (Aside from grinding my teeth every .. what is it 4 years? 6 years?)

And I do believe the motivation is indeed political and not based on reason. Not that I trust the scientists carte blanche, they should be held up to scrutiny and bias just as the CBC should be, but I dislike the implication that all of the scientists on the government payroll are studying global warming and getting something out of it. There are biologists working to maintain fish stocks in the great lakes and british columbia, or monitoring bear populations on the canadian shield, or studying the effects of mining in a certain area or whatever. There are all kinds of Scientists working for the government of Canada. Do you really mean to lump them all into one basket and dismiss their positive and generally necessary work to Canada?? Why should these government employees be BARRED FROM COMMUNICATING WITH THE PUBLIC? WE'RE PAYING FOR THEM. I didn't vote Conservative to have a wall put between myself and government employees. Maybe you did.

10/21/2010 10:26 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Check your facts...
The government is neither overruling "scientific method" nor is it eliminating the long form census.

Furthermore the public employees involved are not barred from speaking.

The issue is the use of their work which as you say we are paying for.

It is NOT theirs to do with as the please ... it is in fact our elected leaders who have been given the authority to set the agenda and the terms of work for all government employees.

When government employees decide on their own and for their own purposes to propagandize against elected governments it is an abuse of their position ... for which you and I are paying.

Enough ... fire them.

10/23/2010 10:41 a.m.  
Blogger Reed Solomon said...

Furthermore the public employees involved are not barred from speaking.

The situation with Natural Resources Canada involves approval of "media lines" before scientists can speak about contentious issues such as climate change and the oilsands, according to recently obtained documents.

But they are increasingly applied to even benign, apolitical issues, the scientists charge, including a recent study on an ancient flood that swept across northern Canada 13,000 years ago when massive ice dams gave way at the end of the last ice age.


Personally I don't care that much if they eliminate blatant proselytizers for global warming, but I do think this issue is more than climate change scientists trying to take down Stephen Harper.

Frankly, I disagree with the premise that they shouldn't be allowed to make their case to the general public and bypass any governing party restrictions. Even if it could influence future elections, we as citizens have a right to know and make our own decisions without having something go through obfuscation filters. That's like saying we shouldn't be allowed to know how badly Manitoba Hydro has fucked up their books, or various projects, because it could influence the provincial election. Any work done by the government has one boss. Us. And we're the ones who decide based on the evidence.

Yeah, yeah, everyones out to get the Conservatives. I like to believe that scientists come in all political shapes and sizes. They're not all Godless socialists preaching the global warming agenda worshiping David Sazuki.

10/23/2010 1:09 p.m.  

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