Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Another Day in Our Happy Socialist Paradise

Well it's a day after the civic elections in Winnipeg and not much has changed....

I suppose the good news is that not much has changed .... as in "No news is good news!"

The good citizens showed their true colors by going out in droves at the behest of unions and leftist political hacks. But on the other hand, fear of getting tax increases won out over the desire to inflict/endure still greater levels of asshattery from the City Hall.

But what the heck? In spite of the usual intense campaigning from the crypto commies who backed up the insufferable waste of skin Judy Washyerwhashyerwash... and the belly aching from the community of parasites and taxburdenites... in spite of not having a single thing to be recommended for ... and in spite of a do nothing campaign that was perfectly reflective of his governance .... Sam Katz is back in.

The only problem is that we still do not have any prospect of better for the future.... a great voter turnout .... numbers like 48% being bandied about ... which is a big improvement over past civic votes.... seems to be wasted due to lack of candidates of any substance..

Bottom line here is that Winnipeg simply had to choose from the least of the worst for a job that needs at least a moderately competent candidate.

I think what we need to do is create a City Manager position that is responsible for ALL the actual decisions and save the Mayor job for the barely qualified to be ribbon cutting fools who seem attracted to it.

A City Manager that has to go through a public vetting and be held accountable would make a big difference. A city manager who can be fired for failing to meet objectives and replaced as necessary.

Job description: Setting policy objectives, managing the performance of civic departments in meeting those objectives.

Any one up for that?


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