Saturday, October 30, 2010


I predicted .... you delivered.....

An open letter to Rush.... (I guess the writer just had a hard time finding anyone with the capacity to understand the depth of the betrayal endured by mainstream Democrats at the hands of the Obama Gang!)

I was a Democrat for 32 years before the heavy-handed push for Obama alienated me from the party…and I borrow what Hillary Clinton said about Republicans once, back when she was a Goldwater Girl, and will paraphrase by saying that I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me.

After it beat me to a pulp, called me a racist, berated and insulted me, and used Alinsky Rules to hit me with everything it had. None of this has been forgotten by any of us.

Yep.... quite a few wiser heads of the Democrat sort were just told to shut up and step aside when they voiced concerns about the holy assumption of Obama ... propelled by the left and the lunatic fringe of the party.... and latched onto by the party leadership. They sold out the whole party for the sake of identity politics, marxist agitprop tactics and pandering to the freakshow of the far flung fairy dust left.

Not that I'd like to see a Klinton in the Whitehouse again ... In fact I'd just as soon see the whole Klinton gang in jail.

But I digress.......

Meanwhile back here in Canada eh..... our Conservative party is busy pandering to the left of center while the freakshow Liberal/Commie/Traitor triumvirate just keeps getting more deranged.

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