Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Happy Socialist Paradise

Awake now people and shout down those who would deny us our dream life.

Trouble is coming to the paradise of Manitoba.

The evil conservatives are raising their ugly heads in defiance of the people's will to challenge the rightful rule of the caring party of EnDePees.

Fortunately the righteous union of nurses has sent out the alarm and warning pamphlets to remind the peaceful peoples who may have forgotten (or perhaps never known) that Chief Evildoer ... Hugh McFadyen ... plots to overthrow the nurses from their rightful place in setting health care policy.

Good thing too ... because fellow peasants it is not as if our heath care system has not improved drastically in the last 12 years!

Oh yes! And be greatful too that Christine Melnik has awoken from her dream life of raising donations for libraries and attending teas at seniors homes. Yes, the mighty Christine has risen to don her battle garb and have her picture printed in many full colour pamphlets that will strike fear in the hearts of evil mongering conservatives in Riel.

Also the mighty leader ... the ever upright and honest .... Greg Selinger has arisen!

One can only hope that soon the war cry will arouse the Teacher's Unions and the CUPE unions and MGE unions and the student unions ... so that the great majority will will dominate and silence once again the rank noise of the individual, the self reliant centered, the haters-bigots-racists - homophobes-knuckle draggers. Yes silence once and for all those pioneer invader and thieve Manitobans who would deny us our rights! Who would let us freeze and starve as we beg for the return of our warm nanny's lap. Who would expect us to ...horror of horrors ... face up to our responsibilities.

No doubt ... this means that for certain .... we will remain as safe and secure as we ever were in this socialist paradise from the frightening evils of conservative thoughts .... conservative practices .... and conservative policy.

Because ... as we all know .... those things would make our lives so much worse.


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