Wednesday, February 16, 2011

With Any Luck At All

We'll see the end of this gargantuan waste of tax dollars ..... here in Canada too .....

While driving to work today I heard a bit of blurb on the US budget politics being played out and a proposal to cut funding to public broadcasting corp in the US..... as it turns out the liberal intelligentsia are all over it ......

Kate at SDA has a well placed juxtaposition of the convenient ... as in truth of the moment ... manner so typical of the privileged liberal.

On the one hand public broadcasting receives less than 10 % of its funding from the government (in the USA) ... on the other hand talking about cutting any amount of the 10% is tantamount to child abuse and the end of days for a hopey changey world.

Back in the land of people who actually have to work for a living .... so we can pay our taxes ... and end up subsidizing these little islands of sanctimonious liberal viewpoint ... some of us don't give a crap.
By and large we do not watch the public broadcasters because we do not care for the material they offer ... outside of a few decent concert series .... the bulk of the programming is just rehashed garbage from other sources that nobody would even know about if not for the desperate need for low cost material in the not for profit sphere.

So .... how many people really benefit from US public broadcasting?

I'd hazard to guess that it is a lot less than the 38million claimed by the NPR CEO....

But after all that's America ... and THIS is Canada ... where the CBC gets over a billion$ from the taxpayers every year to sustain a clique of liberal elites who produce nothing of value (unless you happen to be a member of the parasitic class yourself) and they insist on telling us all that this shit is actually sunshine.

And if only this were the end of it! The rest of the Canadian broadcast cabal get hundreds of millions as well ... as if CTV and the rest are not businesses that are supposed to be earning their fair share for the benefit of their shareholders but rather just PBS lite.

Unfortunately this sort of self propagating dependence on public funding permeates the entire broadcast print media. And do not get me started on arts production especially film in Canada.

For my money I'd like to see all these parasites probosces permanently removed from the public flesh. Cut then off 100% .... let them go out and earn their livings ... let them prove by doing for themselves that they deserve to survive.

But of course ... as with all liberals ... what has actually been a favor of largess by the public has become for them an entitlement.


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