Monday, April 18, 2011

The CBC Effect ...

One of my favourite blogs !NoPasaran! ... has discovered that according to something called "The British Council" Canadians are as smugly self righteous in their views of the USA as are those paragons of self importance .... the Europeans....

From Joe Noory at NP......

"Europeans, permanently putting America on trial, can’t seem to get a bone out of their throats: for all their resentment, they have no-one out there to do for them what the United States does.

Asked to rate US impact on the issue most important to them, views are even more negative. On average, 61 percent have a negative view, with just 29 percent positive. Indeed, majorities in
all countries except one have majorities holding a negative view. The one exception is Poland, which is divided – 44 percent negative, 41 percent positive.

Canadians are 62 percent negative.
The arrogance is in the questions. The only way the “impact us” conclusions make any sense to discuss is if you naturally assume that the United States exist to serve your interests at its’ own expense. It actually doesn’t....."

If there is any doubt in your mind that this exactly the direction that your self appointed moral and intellectual betters would like you to go .... well... there shouldn't be. The Canadian liberal establishment have a long history of holding up the Euros as shining examples of good sense and good governance ... a special class of humanity that has it all figured out .... such elan ... such panache.... such a wonder of social justice is the EU that we should be following their lead in every way.
And it is easy .... peasy ....nice and greasy .... since the mindset has already been established.

Even if it means going right down the toilet .... just like Europe has done.

Just a closing thought .... What do you suppose the poll results would be if a few qualifying questions were used to determine whether those anti American sentiments were actually the result of some understanding .... or rather the result of the continual drip of the liberal media?


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Anonymous John Galt said...

Pah...I sneer at your 62%.

I bet it is 80% in the peoples republic of BC.

4/22/2011 3:02 p.m.  

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