Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bureaucrats & "Policies"

“We do not allow weapons in our schools for any reason,” said Ottawa Carleton District School Board spokeswoman Sharlene Hunter.

A remembrance day event in Ottawa has been cancelled for the time being because the school board bureaucrats have a "policy" on weapons.

Of course the policy they are talking about was obviously one of those post Columbine kneejerks which  spread like wildfire across the world following that event.

I have long held the opinion that one of  the reasons school boards and school administrations are so prone to taking politically correct stances and making them policy is that it provides an easy way to effect simple ass covering measures and avoid taking responsible positions that might have to be explained or actually thought about from time to time.

The Ottawa school decision is a perfect example of this. After all... guns are dangerous and children should be protected from danger.  The school and the school board get to pretend they have done something noble by enacting the ban while simply creating a blind to hide behind in any issue that involves weapons. Now from behind the safety of their curtains (hear no evil - see no evil ....) they self righteously conflate a military commemoration and national tradition with an act of psychotic barbarism.

Of course ... in the world of the petty bureaucrat ... this is simply them being brave and firm in applying the "policy". A policy that quite obviously relieves them of any responsibility for the consequences of such blind enforcement .... quite conveniently.


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