Sunday, May 26, 2013

Guitars and Politics

Four years of abuse of office by Democrats. Political influence in US regulatory and enforcement agencies. Was Gibson a test of their abilities?

Gibson was targeted by DoJ in 2009 ...   for violations of  the"Lacey Act" concerning the purchase and import of woods from "unauthorized" or banned sources. The act itself is a complicated mess that depends on both arbitrary designations of endangered species and environmental risk in addition to specious local regulations created in the regions where the specialty woods are sourced.

Besides the apparent over reach of regulators through the auspices of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, I thought at the time that this ought to have been a problem for the every US based guitar manufacturer. In the course of watching for further news in regard to there was no evidence  that Fender or any of the lesser string instrument makers were facing ay such investigation or charges. The subsequent failure by Gibson to successfully fight the charges in the legal realm and their eventual admission of guilt seemed to put an end to it.

It turns out however, that others have been keeping an eye on that story and there is now a theory that seems to fit with that very unequal application of the law and law enforcement.

In light of the recent exposure of US Government agencies systematic targeting of POLITICAL opponents to the Obama government and the Democrat party, it does not seem too far fetched that as early as 2009 in the first year of the Obama administration, that we find evidence of politically motivated attacks on American business and individuals. And so, it turns out that the executive management of privately owned Gibson were Republican supporters while at least some of their competitors were substantially supportive of Democrats.

As written in the article  from HOT AIR:

"While all this was going on, there was plenty of reason to suspect that there was politics of some sort involved. With Democrats in control of the White House and the Senate, it didn’t seem much of a stretch to think that the eco-warriors were in full throated, chest thumping mode and they would be pushing the limits to show how much they were doing to save the planet. The Gibson story, with its hook of endangered forests and evil manufacturing giants stripping the land, was a perfect fit. But I don’t think many of us imagined that even the Obama administration would be so blatant as to simply launch a police state style attack on a company which supported their enemies while leaving friendly, Democrat donating competitors alone. Or at least I didn’t."

Basically ... we have reason to suspect that Obama's team of rabid weasels have been at this sort of thing since 2009. 

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