Monday, May 20, 2013

The Power to Investigate Serves What Purpose?

The power given to law enforcement agencies is intended for the service and protection of the public.

What sort of government abuses this authority to protect their political image?

The government that is being directed by Barack Obama and his cronies it seems.

I noted in an earlier post ... the justice dept. of the US went a long way and way out of the bounds of their authority to snoop on journalists from Associated Press. I speculated that perhaps AP reporters were onto something that would be embarrassing to the current administration, however it turns out that the motivation was something far less important.

As it turns out ... the fawning and subservient (to their Obama / Democrat) had been playing ball with the administration over a story about a supposed terror plot that was successfully foiled by the CIA. The media had been been given a premature notice of the story and had been sitting on that information, supposedly waiting for the go ahead notice from the CIA.

Meanwhile, the White House had bee planning to make a Public Announcement of their own. Supposedly, this would be a PR win for the Obama administration amid the rising public disaffection and the mounting failures of this government. The administration requested AP to hold off for one more day under the pretense that it was still a national security issue, in spite of the fact that the CIA had already completed their work and released the information. The White House plans were spoiled however, as the AP decided to release the story.

Once the story was released by AP, the Obama administration had a temper tantrum and sent the Justice Department to conduct an intrusive and likely illegal investigation into AP reporters activities, including the acquisition of telephone records over a span of two months.

What this boils down to is that the news media were playing ball and the government agencies were doing what they were supposed to do. The politicians in the White House tried to make political points using same information and the AP told the story first. There was no security issue and there was no illegal leaking of information.

The Justice Department under Eric Holder acted as political tool for the administration and laws were broken to satisfy the needs of a group of corrupt and self serving Democrats in the White House.

This is what the Obama gang do to people who do not play ball with their POLITICAL agenda.

The Washington Post Story
These people in the news media are the ones who have given Obama and Democrats a free ride up until now and I have NO sympathy for them. Perhaps now that they have been shown so clearly ... just exactly where they stand ... they will have a different outlook on their place in the game.


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