Friday, November 08, 2013

More Louis Farahkan than MLK

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Because RACIST!

At a time when the US and the rest of the civilized world is being let down by the posturing incompetents in the White House it would seem relatively easy for even the laziest news gatherer to find something of import to offer the world.

Instead .... we get daily doses of irrelevent pap from the MSM. While many liberals choose to remain blind to the overt racism of the Obobo and his wife the majority of the MSM continue to pimp for the Democrat mediocrity that has been foisted onto the world stage.

I suppose that Kenneth Walsh may have been working on his themed report on racism well before this week .... his stab at analysis of the America's affirmative action POTUS shows quite well how the least qualified president in history tries to connect himself with great men such as Martin Luther King. By repeating Obama's own self portrayal and Obama's worm tongue words to imply that those who dare criticize are in fact racists Mr. Walsh illustrates just one of the many failings of character that this POTUS demonstrates again and again.

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