Sunday, March 09, 2014

Third World Winnipeg

While we were away to Florida's Gulf Coast, a friend in Winnipeg was bemoaning the unrelenting cold that he was suffering from. Apparently, many areas of the city were experiencing frozen water mains and supply lines from the mains to the houses. Home owners were advised to keep a cold water tap trickling to allow water to move and stave off a completely blocked line.

After returning, we heard from some who were affected. They called the city works to be told that they were 800 on the list.

Now, granted there is no way the city can predict that the weather would remain so cold for so long. However, it is not a new thing and we've had similar problems before. In fact, there are locations that freeze and rupture almost every winter in this city.

The problem is not that the weather is unpredictable. The problem is that the city has consistently refused to perform upgrades and repairs in a planned and proactive manner.

Just one of the problems we share with decaying and corrupt shitholes around the world.


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