Tuesday, January 16, 2007

CBC A Day Late and a Dollar Short - Again

Choosing to run a couple already dated pieces by the bloviating aging hippy hairball Robert Burns through CP and AP concocted from who knows what ..... the CBC steadily drives home it's message that nothing is going right in Afghanistan and Pakistan......

I'm not really surprised that a little research into today's NEWs (as opposed to agenda driven editorializing) provided this :
Courtesy of Fox News/AP and Also( Believe it or Not) the Original Pravda

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan's army destroyed suspected Al Qaeda hideouts in an air strike near the Afghan border on Tuesday, killing several militants including foreigners, the army said.

The raid in South Waziristan came days after the U.S. intelligence chief said leaders of both Al Qaeda and Afghanistan's former ruling Taliban militia were finding shelter in Pakistan's lawless frontier areas.

Pakistani helicopter gunships attacked a suspected al-Qaida hideout in forest near the Afghan border Tuesday, killing up to 10 people and sparking anger among tribesmen who said the dead were woodcutters not terrorists.

Add to that Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail ....

Attack occurs in South Waziristan as SecDef Gates visits Afghanistan; a pattern of Pakistani behavior

Early this morning, the Pakistani military struck at an al-Qaeda and Taliban camp in the Zamazola region of South Waziristan. “The attack was launched at 6:55am this morning by army gunship helicopters against the hideouts of militants in Salamat Keley of Zamazola area,” said Major General Shaukat Sultan, the spokesman for the Pakistani military. "The foreign militants were imparting training to the local youth of terrorism and suicide attacks."

I'm Not Surprised .... Because our National Broadcaster along with most of the MSM will not let go of their all negative all the time WoT coverage !


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