Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Carrying Water for Their Political Friends!

Well my morning got off to a great start with the CTV news!

That was yesterday and still today we have CTV and the Globe pushing their fiction......CBC TV also. However, their attempts to change the channel from The Strife their Liberal Masters have been inflicting on themselves is NOT working.

Supreme Liberal Stephane Dion continues to prove that he has not a clue about anything ... where the rubber meets the road ... Dion stands by looking like a deer caught in the headlights of a semi.

The actual Leader of Canada ... Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper .... Says

" Fish or Cut Bait " ! Perfect timing and bringing the LIberal sycophants to a howling rage..... Called Out and no ammunition, no weapons, no guts, no heart and no brains.

I for one have NO sympathy and eagerly look forward to seeing the floors of our nation mopped clean with the political carcases of these jackals.

The Fife Confabulation
Outrageous..... Oh so self satisfied and smug as these manufacturers of public opinion feel they have completed a coup.... Their theme = Canada's best and most favorite soldier is being forced out because he gets better press than his political masters!

* Update *

Defense Minister Peter McKay "There's no basis to this discussion."

Utter Confabulation! But then what do expect from Robert Fife?

On further consideration ... maybe this will be the end of Fife!!

Apparently as far as CBC and CTV / Globe&Mail are concerned this got Dion's troubles with his Liberal party OFF the radar!! Did everyone get the memo?

Their strategy in promoting this POV goes back to last year where the good general was portrayed as constantly at odds with the government over policy on the Afghan mission.
The MSM was going out of their way to play up supposed disagreement or conflicting opinion over the operations in Afghanistan. They were plainly spinning like mad to generate controversy at the time. Subsequent events have helped to fuel this manufactured theme and certainly Gordon O'Connor's shift from the Defense has provided more fuel for this theme. However, the reality is that O'Connor left because he had become such a target for controversy. This may be seen as a success for the likes of CTV and the Globe&Mail but in reality just a political expediency forced by these self appointed shapers of public opinion.

Gordon O'connor was outstanding in his role as Minister of Defense and accomplished everything he was set to do. Regardless of how the MSM chose to spin it.

Officially Screwed has some thoughts on the merit of this theme!

Now we have these same folks in the media building on the previous baseless themes to portray Hillier as the victim of political vendetta.

Hillier is the media darling.... Hillier is the Best man for the Job.... Hillier is the only man for the job.... Hillier is responsible for saving our military......Hillier outshines his political masters...etc.

It's called Completing the Circle or as I like to think of it Circling the Square.

The media campaigns to make the government look bad over the management of The NATO mission in Afghanistan is like building a box. Start with one line, cross it with another then run a line parallel to the first then a line parallel .... you have a space in the middle that is a square and it's filled with nothing but assumptions and speculation... once the empty box is filled with the desired contents the media just draws a freehand circle around it to draw attention to their construction and proudly announce that all this proves them right.

Mission Accomplished ... they think!

Now let's be perfectly clear about a few things!

- General Rick Hillier certainly is very good at his job which is Top Soldier , he may even be the very best man for that job ..... this does not mean that he is the ONLY man for the job OR that he should be in that role indefinitely.
- It is NOT General Hillier's doing that he became the focus of this media attention.
- It is NOT Hillier's doing that the Canadian Forces are being renewed and equipped for the future ..... this is the doing of the Conservative Government and mostly Gordon O'Connor!
- General Hillier's term in the position of Chief of Defense is NOT open ended and in FACT in Feb. 08 will have reached the 3 year mark that usually marks the changing of the guard as it were ... this DOES NOT mean that he will not renew or extend his role after this date! ( with apologies for my taking several reviews to get this right)
- Prime Minister Harper has categorically denied that this story has any merit and CTV reporter Bob Fife chooses to interpret his words as being ambiguous

- General Hillier is being built up by the media to serve as a Bat with which to beat the Government.... he is being used as a political tool by unelected, unaccountable and unscrupulous purveyors of opinion and would be shapers of public sentiment - The MSM

With the opposition parties incapable of offering any sustainable or credible debate about our military involvement in world affairs the Water Carriers of the MSM are doing the job for them.

Because just brining us the facts and reporting them is not enough?


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Blogger dmorris said...

Ah, for the good old days, when our soldiers went to battle in flimsy Iltis's, and wore jungle camoflage in the desert, while watching the Dutch Army fly over their heads in what used to be our helicopters.

Liberals should shut up about the military, whom THEY served so badly, for so many years.

10/04/2007 10:47 p.m.  
Blogger bluetech said...

Fife needs to shut up too.

10/05/2007 7:46 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

DM- It seems so long ago ....

I'm hoping that the brass at CTV will realize that Fife has jumped the shark.
He's been useless as anything but a Lib mouthpiece for many years... but since our new government arrived he's been worse than ever.

10/05/2007 8:01 a.m.  

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