Friday, January 11, 2008

Does The CBC Owe Canadians?

Well I sure think they do .... here's some more on the matter of the Tax Payer funded media organization shilling for the Liberals:

*Taxpayers Deserve Better *

Excerpts From Susan Martinuk, Calgary Herald

CBC reporter, Liberal MP need Ethics 101 refresher

Published: Friday, January 11, 2008

"We all know the media is biased. Don't we? Most of the Canadian media has a distinct slant to the left; the CBC is so far left, it can't even see the middle ground on most issues.... "

"Why don't we dispose of any pretense, and get the powers that be to name the CBC as the Liberal party's official communication team?"

"The CBC is unique -- and therefore uniquely accountable to its viewers -- because it is funded by the state. As such, it has a particular mandate to present the Canadian story."

"Over the past several decades, it has come under increasing criticism as it has shifted that mandate to become the mouthpiece of the extreme left, presenting programs and news from a narrow perspective that is anathema to most Canadians."

Indeed !


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