Thursday, March 13, 2008

Being A Liberal Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry!

This is a theme which is fairly consistent.

Although when ONE Liberal POS makes a politically correct Faux Pas .... such as Hillary Clinton's Feminist guru and big time supporter Germaine Greer Calls a spade a spade ( or a duck a duck if that makes you feel better) as it were in the process of making a point about Barack Hussein Obama..... He's Lucky he is who he is or something like that ( He's lucky he is black .... or maybe he wouldn't be where he is! ?)

Now as a matter of fact a high profile supporter of Barack Hussein Obama just happens to make a habit of spouting off REALLY Offensive .... ( he means it!) racist crap. He does it frequently and has been doing so for a LONG time....
Obama’s preacher the Rev. Jeremiah Wright likes to scream Godddamn Amerikkka to his flock.
Now of course He didn't say anything specifically ( that anyone knows of) about Hillary Clinton so the witches campaign team can't cry fowl over that in particular. However, it remains that on the basis of a questionable remark on the one hand a senior adviser gets the boot yet on the other hand a mentor and long time influencer of a black candidate gets almost NO attention.

Of course there was that little incident where Obama's foreign policy wench got sacked over some candid comments about Hillary Clinton ..... "She's a monster!" said Samantha Power.
Another thing that I find it easy to agree with because it is essentially true.

So what does this prove? Well just basically that as along as comments by Liberals that are over the line are directed at Conservatives there won't be much said about it.

But As soon as it happens that a Liberal is the target of pointed observation all bets are off!

Also seems to show that in the game of Identity Politics ... Race TRUMPS Gender.

And that means only one thing ..... Regardless of what kind of background Barack Hussein Obama has ..... he automatically wins every exchange with Clinton.

While some are asking whether there will be a quid pro quo between the Obama camp and the Clinton camp on this matter .... It is obvious that the matter is settled and decisively NO!

The only question that remains is ... Will AmeriKKKa elect the disciple of a Racist America Hating preacher ?


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