Thursday, March 06, 2008

More Completely Unbiased Reporting!

Our Favorite CP Hack Reporter offers more of his outstanding work:

Alex Panetta's Headline at Canadian Press ....

" 'NAFTAgate' began with offhand remark from Harper's chief of staff "

Just another day in the life a CP muckraker reporter I guess.

Doing their level best to back up the phony claims of the opposition that our Prime Minister's chief of Staff is a blabber mouth who is trying to torpedo the election hopes of US presidential candidates!

Funny how in a room full of muckrakers reporters and news staff a single conveniently overheard comment suddenly becomes the Big Scandal of the Day for the opposition on the House of Commons!

Funny also how even days after the fact and a clear statement that this supposed incident was NOT the one being questioned by the US pols! Rather that a LEAK of a privileged communication by some civil servant in the Foreign Affairs department which is being investigated ..... is deemed to be the Headline Story by CP.
But that's just their way of being "Fair and Balanced" I suppose ..... balancing the facts that tend to blunt their story's impact with the confabulations and misrepresentations that allow them to perpetuate the theme they WANT you to believe.....

Oh yes I almost forgot to mention .... the person who took this comment and pushed it into the story apparently works for CTV! CTV brass are claiming that they don't have to say WHO it is because they have a God Given Right to Cover Their Asses ......... Protect Their Sources!

Uhmmmm.... If your source is one of your own EMPLOYEES that makes YOU responsible and obligated to provide the details.... !

Nest 'ce pas??


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Blogger maryT said...

Didn't the National Post just lose a court fight re sources. Some ctv reporter or source is about to get sent to toronto as punishment.
Proves neither ctv or cbc verify their stories. Anyone can phone them or e-mail them with any hearsay and they will run with it.
Gee, I wonder if I e-mail them that I heard a liberals state their internal polls say they will be slaughtered in an election, they will go with it.
Waiting for layton to appear on Lou Dobbs.

3/06/2008 6:06 p.m.  

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