Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Party's Over So Let's Make Everybody Pay !

Update .. Consider a Carbon Tax = Sin Tax ( like alcohol and tobacco) and you'll get the mentality of Liberal / Socialist Meddlers and Scolds

The seemingly willful distortion of even the most obvious and recent trends that we live through is what gets me whenever I am forced to deal with the opinions of the Liberal Left.

Their willingness to completely ignore the realities of our world and construct an alternative reality to carry forward and support the continuation of their world views is essentially pathological.

Here's an example : Mindy Jacobs writes in the Edmonton Sun about how in her view we are all a bunch of gluttons and spoiled by "cheap" energy. To counterpoint what she considers our overindulgence she offers the example of Europeans who are obviously so much smarter because their own energy costs have been higher than ours for so long that they have "adapted" and adjusted to the point where they are superior as environmentally conscious beings. Something Mindy believes we should emulate.

An Excerpt:

"There's nothing like a hit to the wallet to change behaviour. Canadians have two choices. We can support a carbon tax, which will save us money down the road and help the planet. Or we can just cry while our energy costs continue to soar and the environment withers."

The only problem here dear Mindy is that first of all WE in Canada have the resources. Not to burn and squander as you imply we have been doing but rather to use in the building of our economy and the sustenance of our lives. We pay what we need to pay to use what we have available for OUR OWN benefit. But like most socialists Mindy believes that the morality of growth and progress through enterprise and the use of resources must be questioned and in fact demonized.

Whereas we have and use our resources to our advantage for some reason it escapes the neo-socialist / enviromentalist that Europe has NOT possessed the same resources and the economic facts of their existence dictate the costs of energy in their lives.

It's not moral superiority Mindy its the Economy Stupid!

Now to add the icing to this pile of poo cake that our little Enviro-Socialist lecturer wants to hand us is the idea that somehow we Deserve to be TAXED so that we will stop using the resources that are at our disposal. So "Bring on the Carbon Tax" says Mindy because despite the increased cost and VALUE of the energy we produce and consume we need to pay an extra premium for our good fortune just to make amends!

Well ... I for one don't see any reason to apologize or be penalized for using the resources that are available. Unless anyone can prove to me that my continued use of resources needs to be governed by anything except my own ability to pay for what I use they can and should STFU.

Oh yes .. those "Two Choices" you claim we are limited to ... Here's just ONE of an infinite list of others :
We can tell Tax Sucking fools like Dion to go to hell and let the world evolve while snot nosed little fools like you continue to whine about it.


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