Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Que The Water Bearers!

As the absurd economic policy of Stephane Dion and Lizzy May hits the mass media it's time for the usual cheerleaders of the MSM spin team to chime in with their 25 cents worth of fabricated opinion.
CP - Harris Decima Poll
at 20:20 on June 23, 2008, EDT.
By Julian Beltrame, THE CANADIAN PRESS

"Carbon tax has potential to 'shift' voters to Liberals, national poll finds..."

OTTAWA - Stephane Dion's "green shift" has the potential to become a significant vote-getter for the Liberal party if the communications-challenged leader is able to sell a carbon tax to Canadians, a new poll suggests.

The first national poll taken since Dion unveiled the proposal last Thursday found most Canadians did not know enough yet to form an opinion.

But once the policy was explained to respondents, the Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey found, close to half - 47 per cent - liked the idea, while 39 per cent said they were opposed.

The key finding, said pollster Bruce Anderson, is that Canadians who did not describe themselves as Conservatives were favourably disposed to the idea of a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

Two-thirds of Liberals, 59 per cent of New Democrats, 62 per cent Bloc Quebecois supporters and 48 per cent of Green Party supporters said they were in favour of the policy - all, except for the Green Party, by wide margins.


Take a supposition and use the opinions of people who don't give a crap or mostly don't have a clue about the ECONOMIC COST of the lame brained tax grab wrapped up in a "Green" tissue with a pretty pink bow!

Toss in a healthy dose of preconception about those who oppose a blatant economy killing tax grab by painting them as uncaring about environmental issues. With the whole premise based on the false assertion that "Climate Change" is a man made and man manageable scientific FACT and the usual complete disregard for countervailing REALITY.

Bullhorn the results as proof that it's a Good political move and then paint the government as losers on the matter.

All that is just another "Scientific" poll by CP !


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Blogger marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

So 1-3% from the Green to lib candidates but riots in the street when gas hits 2 bucks a liter.


6/24/2008 11:09 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Heh? Facts and consequences are not the issue .... only the ability of the LIberals to SELL their policy is considered.

6/25/2008 12:03 p.m.  

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