Thursday, July 03, 2008

FARC Thugs Captured in Rescue of Hostages!

But the leftards of the MSM choose to largely ignore the fact.
While I can't find which news organization broke the story I see that AP and Reuters have taken slightly different tacks. AP has a hard on for the Ingrid Betancourt angle only acknowledging in passing the three Americans who were working on drug interdiction with the Columbian government and pays no heed to the dozen Columbian hostages rescued. Reuters focuses on the Americans and gives passing mention to Betancourt and mere nod of recognition that there were other hostages. The AP coverage to their credit does mention that there are about 700 or so hostages still in the hands of the Marxist thugs and did take the time to mention that some of the FARC thugs were taken into custody.

As usual though it's the MSM networks that play the story in their typical asinine manner.

The story as covered by the usual suspects at the TV networks ...each and every one has called the kidnapping of these people a "Capture" and added at least a note of sympathy for the FARC thugs. Being described universally as simply "Rebels" and their actions as "Capture" of indivduals such as Betancourt. Most going so far as to characterize the Columbian agents who pulled of the rescue as "Spies" and the operation itself as a "Trick" !

As usual the commie lovers at BBC took it up a notch! By lionizing the FARC as they imagine a wounded jungle animal likely to strike back ferociously at the Columbian government . Way to go BBC .... never miss an opportunity to cheerlead for bastards and thugs eh?

In all of this not one of these simpletons of the MSM bothers to note that the FARC are running a Kidnapping Business and have been for years .... right along with their Other big enterprise of Cocaine transportation. The MSM sympathizers conveniently ignore the murder, the drugs the extortion and the rest of the criminal activities.

One other thing that you can be sure the MSMers will be ignoring ..... one that makes me smile just a little ..... Venezuela's Marxist monkey Hugo Chavez is probably more than a little bit PO'd right now and wondering what those FARC guys have been doing with all the money and other help he's been sending!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

FARC today is as marxist as the Hells Angels are in Winnipeg.

Any ideaology they onnce had has been replaced by the all consuming profits of the global drug trade.

Criminal Thugs is what they are. And instead of wasting trillions of tax dollars trying to fight them you would wipe them out within a year with drug legaliztion.

7/03/2008 10:52 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Somehow .... I doubt that drug legalization would have that effect...

7/04/2008 9:27 p.m.  

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