Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Death of Britain - A Cautionary Tale

I'd like to create a detailed and lengthy account of the decline and collapse of the British Nation.

I'm sure though that more able scribes than I will be or perhaps are doing exactly that.

So, for the moment I'll sketch out the executive summary.

let's see .... so far:

British Resource sector ... check
British Public Educational System ... check
British Transport and Communications .. check
British Medical Services System ... check
British Agriculture .... check
British Power and Utilities .... check
British Immigration System ... check
British Welfare System ... check
British Justice System ... check
British Financial System ... check

Soon to be:
Dog Breeders ...
In Tony Blair's Britain

A brief list of the things that the Socialists of Britain have managed into the shitpile.

Socialists who are represented most effectively by the Labour Party of Britain.

Socialists who have become the elite and the power brokers of Britain.

Socialists who are behaving just like socialists always do when silly, cowardly people allow them to have power ... they act like Fascists.

Any lessons learned?

refiled from October 8


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