Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gun Cops?

Apparently Canadian Press has uncovered a new branch of police forces in BC.

"Gun cops still waiting to be consulted on new firearms strategy"

VANCOUVER, B.C. - Police dealing with a flood of guns fuelling a shooting war among gangsters in Metro Vancouver are still waiting to be consulted about ambitious new measures to crack down on illegal firearms.

Officers associated with agencies that fight the trafficking and use of guns have told The Canadian Press they don't know how the plan, part of a gang crackdown announced by B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell a week ago, will affect them.

The uncertainty is frustrating for front-line investigators who've been pushing for years to improve information sharing and add resources to stem the rising number of illegal guns on the street.

Campbell announced an ambitious package of measures Feb. 13 to confront gangs and the violence they generate.

They include assuming control of firearms regulation from Ottawa, creation of a provincial weapons enforcement unit and tighter control of gun dealers and so-called prop masters who supply firearms to movie and TV productions that often end up in the criminal underworld.

More Here!

Apparently they never talked to David Miller or Dalton McGuinty!

All you need to do is shut down the shooting ranges and gun clubs and build lots of basketball courts.


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Blogger talnik said...

"new measures to crack down on illegal firearms"
Why don't the Bozos crack down on the gangsters?

2/28/2009 7:53 p.m.  

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