Tuesday, February 17, 2009

They're Triumphant ??

Yes it seems that the radicals of Quebec have won a great.........

Victory !

Of course Canadian Press is right there to parrot the sanctimonious:

"The re-enactment is off, that's great," said Patrick Bourgeois of the Reseau de resistance du Quebecois.

"This thing unleashed passions. But ultimately, the responsibility for all of this is the people who concocted this dim-witted plan."

Mario Beaulieu, president of the Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montreal, called the National Battlefields Commission's decision to cancel the event a "victory for citizen mobilization."

"It's the federal government, which is controlled by the English-Canadian majority, that wants to commemorate one of the biggest defeats of the Quebecois people on its territory."

Yeah sure pal! Whiners and cowards who deserve no respect is what you and your ilk are.

True to form CP buries the response of responsible individuals right at the bottom.

"That people threatened violence and it resulted in an event of this magnitude being cancelled I think is a real disappointment," James Moore told reporters in Montreal.

"This re-enactment has been planned for a number of years and it's just become a political issue now."

Now ..... let's see some criminal charges slammed on those freaks who were making the threats!


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