Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Memo To America ( The 25% ers)

Let's say that about half of the US voters chose Democrats and if the demographics hold close to HALF of Americans are of Boomer age which means that around 25% of the people who voted in the US over the last 4 years are old enough to know better and STILL supported the Democrats and Obama!

If you are old enough to remember Jimmy Carter, and the rest of the gang from the pixie dust and hug your enemies White House and you STILL voted for Obama and/or the Democretins in Congress and the Senate ... then you deserve every last moment of misery your are going to get because of it!

Just to refresh your memory:
National Energy Policy - 55 mph speed limits - Kalifornia inspired fuel efficiency measures - 80 mph speedometers - Over 20 years of nothing but crap being manufactured in Detroit and foisted on the public - Unions running wild - the highest unemployment figures since the 1930's - NO recovery in sight - Arms talks that surrendered your right to defend yourself - appeasement of your enemies - hugs, kisses and payola to marxist thugs around the globe - Iran being tossed under the Islamofascist hooves - Israel being sold down the river to appease the third rate Egyption dictator's military regime - Syria being given up on - Khadaffi being kissed and pandered to as Libya arms itself to become the center of Islamic Jihad - Lebanon being handed to the Islamofascists - Algeria Allowed to be run into the ground by thugs - The nascent Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq - The invasion of Afghanistan by Russia - The arrival of and subsequent pandering to Nork Nutjob Kim Jung Il - The entire African continent set back half a century by Marxist criminals and lunatics - Commie stooges taking hold all around South America - Mass Starvation and non- existent civil liberties in the Majority of Eurasia and the Far East ... Need any more?

[And don't bother arguing that Nixon ( the Republican ) created the problems.... Carter did NOTHING to correct the scumbag's mistakes.]

As for the 25% of American voters who chose to ignore these lessons and all of the warning signs about your current crop so called "Leaders" ... It's Not that I much mind if YOU suffer the consequences of your own ignorance, stupidity and stunted mnemonic and reasoning skills ... the problem is that the rest of us are getting splashed with the shit you created!

Thanks a lot you morons.


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