Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sounds Like The Right Guy for the JOB

Canada's head of CSIS ... the top spy and security man in our Nation says:

"Our elites tend to avert their eyes, and media tend to give what little coverage they grant on this subject to groups that seem to feel that our charm and the maple leafs on our backpacks are all that we need to protect us," he told a gathering of academics and security officials.

"Many of our opinion leaders have come to see the fight against terrorism not as defending democracy and our values but as attacking them. Almost any attempt to fight terrorism by the government is portrayed as an over-reaction or as an assault on liberty."

"Terrorism is the ultimate attack on liberties. If terrorists believe in anything, it is nihilism and death, and they are truly equal-opportunity oppressors," .........

"So why then, I ask, are those accused of terrorist offences often portrayed in media as quasi-folk heroes despite the harsh statements of numerous judges. Why are they always photographed with their children, giving tender-hearted profiles and more or less taken at their word when they accuse CSIS or other government agencies of abusing them?

Richard Fadden, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service


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