Monday, October 19, 2009

Trust The NDP - Our Happy Socialist Paradise

Greg Selinger has become Manitoba's next Premier.

After TEN years in power and not one of the important issues faced by Manitobans is any better than before these jokers can along.

After hiding under the shroud of Doer's crap slicker in various positions and popping out only when convenient to spew some lefty rhetoric or spin some lies for the party Selinger has had it pretty good.... Up Till Now.

Now as premier of Manitoba .... Greg Selinger OWNS these issues:

Out of control crime - thanks to revolving door justice and hug a thug ideology - Thanks to Selinger and friends.

Hallway medicine, worse than ever .... Ten Years in Government and wait times are rising - Thanks to Selinger and company. Still and ever more often Manitobans being denied critical tests or treatment and left to die. Still Manitobans being lied to and bullied into believing they have no options in health care. Need an MRI? go to the US ... anywhere will do.. if you can afford it.

Need cancer treatment? A few hundred grand at the Mayo Clinic will get it for you.

Our Economy is in the tank and Manitoba is facing a big budget shortfall - Thanks to Selinger.

Think any new jobs are coming to Manitoba .... think again. After raping the crown corps MPI and MB Hydro Selinger has his sights set once again on private enterprise.

Still no accountability from Welfare and CFS on waste and incompetence. Still no justice for dead babies in the care of the provincial agents.

Manitobans deserve leadership that can be trusted - Greg Selinger and his pals are not the answer.

Trust The NDP ?

As Finance Minister, Greg Selinger knew about problems with the Crocus Investment Fund four years before the collapse. He told his cabinet colleagues that “by 2003, virtually no money will be available for new investments,” but as Finance Minister he said nothing to taxpayers, and thousands of Manitobans lost their hard-earned savings.

Mr. Selinger has also admitted that he knew about the plan hatched by NDP insiders to claim phony expenses that their election campaigns had never incurred.

Illegal rebates of $76,000 of your tax dollars to the NDP.

As Finance Minister Greg Selinger said nothing.

Manitoba is facing a big budget shortfall next year, and something must be done to close that gap. Greg Selinger has strongly suggested he will adopt a new Harmonized Sales Tax, which would impose a new tax on everyday items ranging from kids' clothing to gas at the pump.

Selinger said he supports property and business tax increases. He paid lip service to balanced budgets while increasing Manitoba's debt, and some of his highest-profile campaign backers have even called for reversals in Gary Doer's personal income tax cuts.

Selinger is where he is because he promised to put the demands of organized labour above the concerns and the welfare of the people of Manitoba.

Goverment mandated tuition freezes ala Selinger and friends .... destroyed the ability of the Universities to maintain their infrastructure and forced a steady errosion of the quality of post secondary education.

School boards still allowed to implement policies that parents never asked for and do not want. Still allowed to set budgets that tax payers cannot afford to sustain and still allow unions to dictate education policy all without any sort of accountability to the people they are supposed to be serving (students and parents) - Thanks to Selinger and friends.

Greg Selinger is in the driver's seat and he is going to made to account for where we are going.

No more free ride for the Dippers and their incompetence, arrogance and ignorance.


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