Monday, March 08, 2010

The CBC .... Using Every Tool in the Pail To Make Stuff Up!

Thanks to a well thought out and documented post we see exactly how the taxpayer funded CBC performs propaganda work for the Liberal Party of Canada.

From a post by the erudite commenter EBD of the Small Dead Animals fraternity:

Night of the Living Public Broadcaster

It's unprofessional and highly unethical for the CBC to not disclose Attaran's highly-partisan pronouncements and his longstanding personal and professional relationship with Michael Ignatieff, but that's just business as usual at the CBC's parliamentary bureau. It can't be stopped. Every time a spectacularly biased practitioner like Keith Boag or Susan Bonner is shipped out, he or she will be seamlessly replaced by an equally biased reporter like Terry Milewski or Leslie MacKinnon. Up and coming reporters at the CBC surely know the drill by now: treat anti-Conservative "analysis" by various academics and unidentified Liberal-supporting experts as "news", assert to Canadians, on the taxpayers' dime, that these negative views of the Conservatives are widely-held and growing among Canadians, and conclude reports with a warning that the "issue" raised in the report isn't going away.

You see .... if a erstwhile "News" broadcaster simply allows lies to be told by unqualified sources .... then it's REALLY not their fault! ..... Sure Thats It.

BTW - Did you know that it is illegal in Canada to make non monetary contributions to a political party without the donor and the recipient party reporting these as such to Elections Canada? Its called "Donations in kind".

With all the ink and bandwidth dedicated to propagating Liberal Political support done by the likes of CBC/CTV/ Globe&Mail etc. you'd think someone would have complained to Elections Canada by now.

More of that sort of thing ....

The Liberals and Afghan detainees--and CSIS

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