Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Big Lies of the Left!

In case you missed it there have been a lot of politicians trumpeting the line that the growing differential between the richest and the poorest is a major problem. And of course the only solution is take away money earned by the most successful and give it to the least capable.

That's the fundamental platform of the socialist.

That's what they preach in their efforts to promote class envy and paranoia. And that's what they promise to the masses of citizens who see themselves as under privileged.

That's how Garry Doer got re-elected twice. That's how Lorne Calvert got re-elected. That's how Jack Layton got his job.
Well you can pretty well figure out for yourself who else could or should be on that developing list!

Now just so you know what the FACTS are about the so called "Income Gap" here are a few:
With a note that these are US figures - Canada is however, Virtually Identical in this regard!

  • The American families with children who have gained the most in earnings over the past 15 years are ? The Richest? The Poorest? A= The Poorest
  • At the bottom, the poorest group recorded 80-per-cent higher earnings. Adjusted for inflation, these families - the poorest 20 per cent of families with children in the United States - achieved by far the highest percentage earnings gains.
  • The highest earners showed 50% gains and the Middle Income earners the least at 20%
  • Virtually all tax increases have been focussed on the middle earners at the demand of the political left making the Middle class the biggest victims of the so called "Progressives"
The part that is uniquely US though is this:
  • The increase in income was primarily due to increased time working!
  • This was largely given impetus by Welfare Reform that resulted in reducing dependency on State support and increased the incentive to work. The results of that incentive are obvious!
And THE WRITING ON THE WALL SAYS ! More work and less welfare = better living

So what are our "Progressive" activists and politicians continuing to do?

Why of course they are promoting class envy and a paranoia!

Whether it's US Democrats or Canadian Dippers and Liberals it's the same story. They want everyone to believe that they would be better off if the state was running their lives and the economy. That we are all worse off than we really are. That the richest somehow did not deserve what they get. That the line between rich and poor is drawn at the boundary between the middle class and the lower income group. And, most importantly that more taxes will fix all the problems.


Read the article: Progressive Politics Not so Progressive!


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