Thursday, June 14, 2007

Economic Lessons from The Left!

Because you can never be a good enough socialist!

This link probably won't keep for long but here ya go !
Jack Layton! In true dipper form when he's not badmouthing our armed forces or wanting to "talk" to terrorists, when he's not hugging a thug or trying to protect some scumbag from due justice! Well, he's thinking about ways to give away "Free" stuff! Cause that's how you FIX things don't you know!!!??

" Because business spends about $10 billion for prescription drug coverage, and government spends $9 billion, Layton says it is in everyone's best interest to ensure all Canadians are covered and costs of drugs are reduced." Gee Jack that's almost $20 billion! Just how much more do we need to spend for this "FREE" medicine?

In the same speech, Layton says Canada's "prosperity gap" can be closed by reinstatement of federal minimum wage, the ending of ATM fees, a lowering of gas prices and affordable education and training."

Well Jack if you knew what you were talking about or cared about FACTS ! you would be well aware that over the last 15 years the earned income of the lowest paid increased by 80%! While the income of the highest paid increased by 50% .... The income of middle earners only increased by only 20%! Now I'm scratching my head because I guess Jack feels that he can do better by redistributing some more middle class money downstream! Never mind of course that those middle and upper income earners are already the highest taxed earners outside of certain European Socialist societies.

He also says the federal Conservatives are making Canadians choose sides in the "phoney war" between environment and the economy."

Ooops ... I guess he did get around to blaming Harper and us conservatives after all!

Yep true to form the brain of the socialist is locked into promoting class war, knocking "Big Business" and blaming Conservatives! And how does Jack intend to pay for all the Free Stuff ?? Well you remember those middle income earners? Guess whose pocket will be getting lighter if Jack has his way!!


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