Thursday, April 24, 2008

UN Wants World Farmers to Help Developing Countries - NOW!

Laughable .... After 50+ years of the meddling busybodies at the UN taking our money and throwing it around the Third world (while Lining their own pockets) like it was fertilizer and seed. Trillions of dollars of aid money with NOTHING to show for it.

All this without any appreciable results except their own well lined pockets and millions of starved human beings!

They suddenly insist that those of us who can actually accomplish things like having an agriculture industry MUST do something NOW!!!!

"The facts are clear," said Jacques Diouf, leader of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization. "One, we need to provide food and money so that people have something to eat and to lower the cost for the poor people so that they are getting access to food," Diouf said in an interview.

"Two, we help farmers to get access to what they need to be able to produce."

Farmers in developing countries must have immediate access to more seeds, fertilizers and animal feed for the 2008 growing season.

"If we do not help the farmers this season, the problem will worsen," he said.

Diouf argued that US$1.7 billion should be set aside to finance the aid effort.

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We've heard it ALL before and the never ending accusations that we as in the North Americans are NOT doing our share. How about this Mr. Diouf ?

ONE - WE are the ones who've been carrying the weight all these years. And the UN and it's Diouf-usses are the ones responsible for the results .... which are NONE.

TWO - You and all your parasite friends cough up your own money and get the hell out of the process!

The FACTS ARE CLEAR Mr. Diouf .... You and your friends are Useless Parasites.


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